Fishing Tips

We at thought it would be a good idea to add fishing tips to the website. We’ve looked around the web for some of the best videos that show big bass being caught on Lake Grapevine. Here are the best we found.

In the first video, you can see these two guys absolutely killing it around the marinas. They are flipping under the boats, boat docks, and all around the marina. This is a great technique. It looks like they are all around Twin Coves Marina.

In the second video, you will see two guys fishing near the dam and also on some of Lake Grapevine’s rocky points. It looks like they are just using crank baits, but they are bringing in some monsters. This is a cool video and shows great locations to fish.



The third and final video is from a collegiate bass fishing tournament held on Lake Grapevine. In this short video, you can see the fisherman again working the marinas. Early in the video they are fishing directly under what used to be Little Pete’s and is now Hook’s Ice House. It is another great locational video.

We hope these fishing tips help you locate and catch the big bass in Lake Grapevine. Enjoy!