Dove Loop Ramp

Lake Grapevine

Park: No

Restrooms: No

Boat Dock: Yes, but small

Ample Parking: Yes

Ramp Fee: $5

The Dove Loop boat ramp is also one of the best ramps on Lake Grapevine.  There is plenty of parking and the ramp seems to be well thought out and easy to use.  It is also often open when other ramps are closed.  Dove Loop ramp is located centrally on Lake Grapevine with easy access to either end of the lake.

The only negatives are that this ramp is fairly shallow and the dock is very small and somewhat unstable for loading.  The dock also seems to dislodge whenever the lake level goes up and ends up on the bank making it unusable.

Below is a short time lapse video we took of Dove Loop Boat ramp when the lake is 10 feet low. You can see people are still able to launch their boats, but the trailers are actually running off the end of the ramp. The last guy in the white Nissan truck actually gets his trailer stuck and two guys have to help him get it un-stuck. With the time lapse video it is hard to tell how long they were on the ramp. It was a long time. There were about three boats waiting to launch when he got on the ramp and by the time he was off the ramp the line of boats was down the road.

This ramp is conveniently located next to Dove Loop Boat Storage.

Located at:

3000 Dove Loop Road
Grapevine, Texas