Lake Grapevine

What happened to the “low-water” boat ramp at Meadowmere Park?

If you have not been out to Lake Grapevine lately, you may not have noticed the lake level is really low (way below normal).  Sometimes when waters recede in lakes, mysteries are uncovered.  In this case, we have a mystery of a missing “low-water” boat ramp.  Perhaps one of our very bright readers can help solve the mystery.

The facts as we know them are as follows:

Several years ago, the City of Grapevine set out to build a “low-water” boat ramp inside of Meadowmere Park.  Given the normal fluctuation in lake level on Lake Grapevine, that seemed like a much needed addition.  The cost of the new “low-water” boat ramp was about $600,000 paid by tax payer funding as seen in the associated photo.

This year the water level in Lake Grapevine has been very low and currently sits at an amazing (and somewhat dangerous) eleven and a half feet below normal.  It is a good thing that Grapevine decided to spend the $600,000 on the new “low-water” ramp so that local boaters would have a safe place to launch their boats.  Or at least it should be a good thing.

The mystery is that the new “low-water” boat ramp has been closed all summer and continues to be closed now.  The mystery remains unsolved.  What happened to the “low-water” boat ramp and the $600,000 it cost to build it?

Lake Grapevine

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