Lake GrapevineWe paid a visit to the recently re-opened Twin Coves Park in the City of Flower Mound. This a beautiful park that has over 234 acres of tree covered hills. The entry into the park was $5 per vehicle.

The park is still under construction. It looked like there was work being done on the main restrooms and one of the main roadways. And some of the covered picnic areas lacked picnic tables.

Twin Coves Park is great for fishing. There are plenty of low banks near rocky points. There is also a fishing pier that extends out into the cove.

The park was fairly empty during our Saturday visit. There were only two other cars in the entire park. And the boat ramp was completely empty. The boat ramp did appear to be usable and there were no signs suggesting it was closed.

This is a very nice park that appears to get almost no use. If you are looking for an area to explore trails near the lake or get access to North Shore Trail, this is a great park to do so.


Lake Grapevine