Lake GrapevineI stopped by Lake Grapevine to fish a couple of weeks ago, but have not had a chance to update.  The lake was about 5 feet low.  All boat ramps on the lake are currently open, but as always we recommend using Katie’s Woods boat ramp since the boat dock is still usable.

I did a little fishing in the morning before the wind picked way up. I was able to get the little guy pictured at the top right in the first few casts on a blue fleck worm. I did not get to stay and fish more than 20 minutes before fishing became problematic with the wind.

In other lake news, the new shallow water ramp at Meadowmere Park is not complete yet. The City of Grapevine is waiting for the lake to go lower before finishing out that ramp. It will cost less and they can build it deeper by waiting a bit longer.

Hopefully the weather improves a bit soon and I can get back out there and have a few more updates on the lake and on fishing.