Lake GrapevineThe Grapevine City Council discussed changing the hours for  Lake View Park, Meadowmere Park, and Rockledge Park which are all located on Lake Grapevine.  The current city ordinance states those parks will be closed from 10:00 pm to 5:30 am.  A new city ordinance will be created to allow more flexible hours so that the parks will be closed at night or during all dark hours.

I have been to Lakeview Park and Meadowmere Park early in the morning to go fishing.  I’m pretty sure the gates do not open at 5:30 am now.  So this ordinance change sounds like it will just bring the city code in line with what is already happening.  My understanding / estimate is that the gates for Lake View park do not open until 7:00 am now.  And the Meadowmere Park gates may be open as late as 8:00 am now.

This change is stated to minimize crime in the parks.  I guess a side effect is that it minimizes early morning fishing as well.  Hopefully, the city keeps Katie’s Woods Park gate free so that us bank fishermen have somewhere to fish on Lake Grapevine.