Update 2: Rockledge Park Remains Closed

Just a quick correction to yesterday’s update on the Lake Grapevine lake level and park status. We stated that Rockledge Park may be partially opened. That is incorrect. Rockledge Park remains closed to the public at this time. Thank you!
Update:  Lake Grapevine Is Still Flooded

Update: Lake Grapevine Is Still Flooded

The water in Lake Grapevine is receding slowly from flooding back in May. The water level of the lake is still 18 feet above normal. This is down from over 25 feet above normal one month ago. Most public parks remain closed on the lake. At this time, we are only aware...

Lake Grapevine Parks and Boat Ramps Remain Closed

a Just a short update here: All parks and boat ramps around Lake Grapevine remain closed due to high water. The lake stands at 27.99 feet above normal and all parks are flooded. You may be able to find access at Silver Lake Marina, but that is uncertain as of this...

Katie’s Woods High Water Ramp Is Open

As of today, the only ramp open on Lake Grapevine is Katie’s Woods high water ramp. This is due to the lake being 5 feet above normal pool. Here is a photo of the high water ramp today and a couple of the other parks.

Low Water Boat Ramp at Meadowmere Park Now Open

Finally! We have been wondering for a long time when the “low water” boat ramp in Meadowmere Park would open. Several years ago, Grapevine began construction on new low water ramp. The ramp was completed, but when the lake level fell the low water ramp...