Lake Grapevine

Fishing season is upon us, so we thought it might be a good time to give a boat ramp update. Lake Grapevine is currently 10 feet low. This has caused several nice boat ramps to close.

On the north side of the lake, the ramp at Murrell Park is closed. On the south side of the lake, the following boat ramps are closed: Meadowmere boat ramps, Farris Branch, Katie’s Woods and The Vineyards Campground & Cabins (this ramp is private to those staying at the Campground). All other boat ramps are open.

Out of those that are left, we assume Dove Loop and McPherson Slough are the best available, but not certain on this.

Both the low water ramp and the regular water ramp in Meadowmere Park are closed. And no, we don’t understand either why the low water ramp is closed when the lake is 10 feet low, but it is.

Good luck fishing this spring and pray for rain because we need it.


This article was brought to you by Lake Ray Hubbard.