We camped last weekend in Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine. We are a little delayed in completing a write up mainly because we are still disappointed about not catching any fish.

The weather was absolutely perfect for camping with temperatures during the day in the mid-70’s and at night in the high 50’s. There was very little wind all weekend.

The lake level is above its normal levels. In fact most boat ramps are currently closed. The only open ramps are the high water ramp at Katie’s Woods, Dove Loop boat ramp, and the Meadowmere Park ramp.

Given that the weather was so good, the banks of the lake were packed with fisherman around the park.  We did not see a lot of people catching (only fishing).  We did not catch any and we fished pretty hard for the weekend.  We fished soft plastic worms, spinner baits, crank baits, and even moved to live minnows.  The water was extremely muddy and the lake was way up.  It is still about 5 feet higher than normal.

We camped at sites 3 and 4.  These are great sites, but they do not have cooking grates for their fire pits.  This created the need for some very creative cooking for the weekend.  Pictured below are what we coined, “wood plank jalapeno poppers” which were excellent.

Given the weather and the fun we had with cooking it was an excellent weekend of camping.  Murrell Park continues to be our favorite place to camp on Lake Grapevine.

Lake Grapevine