We camped out at Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine the weekend of February 25th.  Our plan was to fish from the banks of the rocky points along the coves all weekend.  You can see the cove we spent most of the weekend in pictured at the right.

The cove was very popular during the day with both boats and people fishing from the banks.  There was a small group of stumps directly across from us near an old boat ramp.  That group of stumps got fished really hard by several boats (See photo).  We never saw anyone bring in a fish however.Lake Grapevine

We fished hard and often over the weekend.  Other than an early morning hit (and miss) on a rex spoon, we did not see or feel a bass near us all weekend.  Worms did not work and neither did crank baits.

Of all the boats that came through we only saw one guy bring in a bass.  It was a blue and purple boat with the words “Redneck Remedy” on the side.  It looked to be a pretty good sized bass.

Lake GrapevineOur luck over the weekend was not very good and the strong winds did not help much either.  We were left with one lonely catfish that we caught overnight on stinkbait.

More reports to come as soon as we can get back down there.

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